What We Do

  • Meta Trader 4 Expert Advisers

    We offer a number of expert advisers built for Meta Trader 4. Currently we do not support Meta Trader 5 as most brokers have not switched yet to the new platform. Our expert advisers employ a number of strategies and we have free plus paid options. Individual statistics and testing data can be obtained on each individual product page. Included you will find backtested results, recommended time frames and assets, and complete documentation on parameters and optimization instructions. Our MetaTrader EA's are built for both retail and institutional clients.

  • High Frequency Trading Solutions

    High frequency trading is a complicated beast. You need to have lightning fast connections to the exchange, specialized hardware, and incredibly advanced computer software to model and make trade decisions in nanoseconds. We offer a complete solution including data center consulting, algo testing and development, and advanced software using the R and Python programming languages. Our software uses multiple strategies including triangular arbitrage and machine learning to take advantage of split second trading opportunities. Our HFT solutions are available for both retail and institutional clients.

  • High Speed Data Feeds on Crypto Currencies

    One of the biggest issues within bitcoin and other crypto currency trading is a lack of data. This includes accurate BTC indexes, and currently no weighted crypto currency indices. We actively research this sector and provide free and paid options for up to date news feeds on bitcoin and other crypto, and high speed tick by tick data. We are currently researching multiple options for bitcoin managed funds, derivative contracts, and more. Data includes average cross exchange prices, margin available vs margin used, correlation between crypto currencies, and trade volume analysis.

  • High Speed Algorithmic Trading

    Besides our Metatrader EA options, we offer a number of algorithmic trading platforms. These offerings are extensively tested, very advanced, and meant for institutional traders or retail traders that have a large capital base. Most of our offerings are based on strategies that we use within our fund, and employ neural networks and machine learning to self optimize. We have options for customers that have direct API access to there broker. Our algorithmic software comes in two options, live trading and robo advisory. Live trading software directly hooks into your broker and places trades automatically without user interaction, robo advisory offers suggestions on trades to allow you to make smarter trade decisions.