Why do we see the banks making record profits every year and yet only a handful of retail traders are profitable? This has been a major problem for traders all around the world; for years. Quantum trading strives to create the tools and provide the solutions that the institutions use, to the retail trader.

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Data analysis
In a complex world

Financial data is crucial for accurate trading. We gather large volumes of financial data and analyze this regularly for HFT opportunities.

Financial end economic research
in the crypto currency markets

What makes the bitcoin market move? What models fit this class of assets? We aim to answer these questions and provide research into structured crypto products.

Artificial Intelligence
and machine learning research.

Artificial Intelligence and machine learning is the core of our software development. We constantly strive to conquer this field of science and develop new solutions.


We develop solutons to complex problems within the finacial marekts.

  • Meta Trader 4 Expert Advisers

    We are constantly coming up with advanced expert advisers to trade financial markets. Ranging from simple strategies to neural networks.

  • High Frequency Trading

    The research and development of models for high frequency trading and providing liquidity within the forex and cyrpto markets.

  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

    An extremely exciting area of science. Artificial Intelligence has the potential to change the world. We use artificial intelligence to make trade decisions within the financial markets.

  • Bitcoin and Crypto Currency Research

    Bitcoin is an interesting beast. What factors move the price? Does bitcoin follow standard financial models? We are actively researching these questions and more.

  • Crypto Currency Fund

    We actively manage a private fund that invests primarily in crypto currencies and their derivatives.

  • Quantum Fund

    We are actively managing a private fund that invests in a growth asset class model. This includes forex, US and European equities, commodities, and ETFs.

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