ICO (Initial Coin Offering) Portfolio

Our current ICO portfolio and interest

Initial Coin Offerings

Initial coin offerings, or ICO's is just like a stock IPO, but with cryptographic tokens instead of stock. This has become a revolutionary new way to raise capital. Small cap blockchain companies do not have to deal with the complicated structure, fees, and minimum capital requirements of listing on a major exchange such as NASDAQ, BATS, or NYSE. Now business owners can raise capital on their own.

This sector has become very successful, with companies raising millions of dollars in rather short periods of time. the equity tokens they offer are also being listed on major exchanges such as Polonix and Bittrex and being denominated in bitcoin. Quantum Trading has increased interest in this area, and is looking to build a portfolio of ICO offerings, and blockchain companies. Below you will find what we currently hold, and what is on our watch list.

Our Current Holdings


Air is a product under development by a blockchain company called SPHRE. Air is a digital identity system that implements per user specific Smart Contracts to facilitate cryptographically secured digital identities. This has many applications, including basic and complex authentication systems, medical usage, and much more. Since the system is decentralized, there is no single point of failure.

Quantum Trading currently holds 921.80210526 XID and is looking to purchase more. For more information on this ICO, please take a look at the offering page on Token Investor.